from fabric to non-FABRIC.


We are an innovative female-led startup and a benefit corporation that transforms civil and industrial textile waste into secondary raw materials through a patented technology unique in the world.

The project was born in 2019 with a clear objective: to become the leading technological solution for transforming industrial and civil waste into secondary raw materials with plastic-like properties.

Regenstech is the result of the insight and experience gained by the founders of Regenesi, a circular-native retail brand and pioneer in green fashion.



The Regenstech technology enables the acceleration of the sustainable transition in the fashion industry through the use of an innovative system for transforming textile waste with multiple potential applications: from fabric to non-woven.



The solution developed combines mechanical recycling, industrial automation, and green chemistry for the transformation of textile waste, post-consumer, and post-industrial waste, thanks to a patented technology, into a secondary thermoplastic raw material called Respetto® Mix, with different properties depending on the formulation used.


Together, let's make your company circular.

We help you make your company sustainable fashion, turning your production process circular.

Regenerating your waste.

Together, we study the best approach to make your company circular, guiding you through the most important decisions and making your business independent in the process.

our key points

scarti di tessuti
end-of-life processing

Our innovative transformation techniques for fashion and textile waste can be initiated without the need for the typical sorting processes commonly used in this sector

lavoratore al pc

With our ongoing commitment to research, we ensure excellence for you. Through licensing, we share our innovations to build a shared future of success."

pouf materiale rigenerato

We use common mechanical processes that allow to have a smooth integration of the plant in your industrial procedures

Respetto mix

Laboratory development of approximately 80 formulations, combining plastics and textile fibers to achieve different final properties.

The plant can be customized for any purpose, opening up opportunities for any size within the fashion industry.


With our plant, we can transform 270 tons of textile waste per year.


The solution is tailored, scalable up to 10 times, for multi-utility applications.


We offer a solution with the capability to transform up to 500-1000 kg per hour.


“The plant’s production is entirely Italian and distributed at the European level.”


We are committed to providing sustainable solutions for your company.


Our machines are designed to be energy-efficient, with a power consumption of around 15 kW, ensuring sustainability for your operations.


We employ water exclusively for cooling the secondary raw material in the transformation process, utilizing a closed-loop system. Our responsible water management involves replenishment just once a month, showcasing our commitment to sustainable practices.


Our cutting-edge machinery stays in the loop, connected and monitored through advanced management platforms for seamless control and efficiency.

Zero Waste

The injection and 3D printing technology boasts the advantage of producing without material waste, promoting responsible and sustainable manufacturing.

We help make your company sustainable.

To make fashion companies autonomous and circular, we have built and validated a service model across four key areas:

We empower your business with cutting-edge production facilities tailored to your needs.

peace of mind with our dedicated management and maintenance services, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.

We collaborate to create the perfect Respetto Mix tailored to your specific requirements.

Enjoy uninterrupted service with readily available spare parts, ensuring your peace of mind.

for a common benefit

For the environment

Contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by creating recycled materials.

Minimize waste on our planet by transforming it into new resources.

Produce goods responsibly, prioritizing recyclable and/or reusable materials.

per the community

We advocate for environmental respect as a fundamental principle.

Through local initiatives and community engagement, we raise awareness and inform to make a positive impact.

We’re by your side to make your business sustainable. Contact us for information by sending an email.