Maria Silvia Pazzi, founder of Regenstech, an innovative female startup and Benefit Company that transforms civil and industrial textile waste into secondary raw materials through a patented technology unique in the world, has won the We Award Women Excellence 2023 by Il Sole24Ore and Financial Times in the Open Innovation category.

The Gala evening “Inspiring the Future” with the presentation of the WE Award – Women Excellence tells great stories of women who have achieved extraordinary results in various fields such as business, leadership, art, science, or public service, despite not always favorable circumstances.

Contributing to change and creating positive impacts on society are the common goals of the women protagonists of the We Award Women Excellence 2023. The award aims to recognize, celebrate, and honor talent, inspiring other women to pursue excellence in their respective areas of expertise.

The Regenstech project, born in 2019 from an idea by Maria Silvia Pazzi, has a clear and ambitious goal: to become the reference technological solution for transforming industrial and civil textile waste into secondary raw materials (MPS), with plastic properties.

With this award, the Jury of Il Sole24Ore and Financial Times wanted to highlight the experience of women who have achieved significant results, such as Maria Silvia Pazzi, who, with her innovative technological startup, has demonstrated tangible, concrete results with high social value.

Regenstech is the result of the intuition and experience gained by the founder of Regenesi, a circular and pioneering green fashion brand that operates with the aim of transforming waste into beauty, believing strongly in the synergy between companies and diverse realities. This project, born in 2008, not only focuses on creativity linked to the circular economy, with the goal of giving dignity to post-consumer materials but also captures attention on a current issue, initiating a social debate that involves everyone.

After developing over 80 formulations and conducting in-depth tests, both in the laboratory and on an industrial scale, Regenstech has demonstrated the effectiveness and reliability of its technology, taking significant steps in its growth journey. Currently, a first round of financing is underway with new investors.

The goal is to accelerate the sustainable transition of the textile and fashion sector through the use of an innovative system for transforming textile waste into a unique and versatile material suitable for various applications.

Research and development investments have been made possible thanks to public funding, recognizing the project as a unique opportunity for the development of sustainable solutions.

Innovation that combines industrial automation technologies with materials engineering and green chemistry. Between these two cities, the life of Maria Silvia Pazzi unfolds both personally and professionally. Mother of 4 children, she has realized a concept of creativity, innovation, and aesthetic research through Regenesi and Regenstech. These companies focus on the idea of peer collaboration, combining the tradition of Italian craftsmanship with material technologies, the collaboration of international designers, and the potential of artificial intelligence.

A vision that leads Maria Silvia Pazzi to always look beyond with the ability to transform ideas into concrete facts and starting tomorrow, she will be projected onto the new challenge: contributing to the regeneration of urban territories by providing skills and knowledge in the field of circular economy, creating recycling and upcycling laboratories to spread the culture of conscious consumption sustainability.

Projects that have the consent and support of institutions and strongly aim to be decisive in leaving a better world for our children.